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Sleep! For him and me!

Holly - 18th August 2014

We tried all the swaddles, our little man is a mover and a shaker! The blankets, the velcro, none of it could contain him. Woombie to the rescue! I was skeptical at this point, but got one free from a friend. Sooo easy to use and he consistently sleeps 9 hours straight since using it! I bought more!

Thank YOU!

K Coleman - 04th October 2013

10 hours of sleep back-to-back nights for my 9 week old. Thank you Woombie Houdini! Amazing!!

Could not live without it!

Heather C - 10th July 2013

This is hands down, the BEST item I could have ever purchased for our newborn daughter. Woombie could charge 5x the current price and I would still pay it. She began wearing the Houdini at 3 weeks old and has slept 8-9 hours through the night, every single night. She loves it, it doesn't bind her hips or legs and I am the most rested new momma on the block! Make sure to follow the directions and do not place this item in the dryer on a heat setting, or you will be ordering a new one.


Kacie - 05th November 2012

My little boy hadn't been swaddled since the day he was born in the hospital. We had been practicing bedsharing and at 3 months old, I decided it was time to transition him to his own crib. But every time my arms came out from under him, he was wide awake again. I would spend 2 hours trying to get him to sleep...just for it to last 15minutes once I put him down. I finally pulled out the Houdini Woombie that I had purchased months ago but never used. I thought I might as well try it. That night he slept in his crib for 4 hours before waking up! He has gone 5-6 hours every night since then. He's a pretty hot natured baby, and he is NEVER hot when he comes out of this sack. It's great! Thank you, Woombie!

Great for Growing Babies

Katie Hogenmiller - 29th January 2012

I have used some type of swaddle for my twin boys since birth. I started with plain blankets, then went to the velcro swaddling blankets, miracle blanket, ...but as the boys grew they swaddles became either to small, or they could eventually wiggle an arm out, which caused them to wake up. At about 4 months of age we started using the woombie houdini...and still at 6 months it works great! I just ordered two of the next size.

Good Product!

Becki - 23rd October 2011

I was so excited to find this product and especially in a large size since we have a very large baby. I bought it at 7 months. Our baby loves to be swaddled but worked her way out of everything. The first night we tried this, she actually slept through the night, but since then has learned to free one arm out through the neck hole and still wakes herself up that way. Now at 10 months I have just ordered the convertible woombie as it is time to transition to arms free, and I'm wondering if I should have just bought that in the first place since she works her arms out anyway. I still gave this product a 5 star rating because I believe it is the best there is out there, even though it did not fully solve our "Houdini" problem.

Best swaddler there is!

Jen - 31st August 2011

I love my son's Houdini Woombie! He won't settle down to sleep without it. I also love that he has more freedom with his arms, but he can't scratch his face. Lovely product, thank you!

Best Baby Product EVER!!!

Erin - 24th August 2011

We had nicknamed our daughter "little houdini" because she needed the snugness of swaddling yet would break out of everything and wake up, even the miracle blanket. Worse still, we'd find her with the flaps of the swaddlers pulled over her face. When I saw the "houdini" I knew I had to try it. Our daughter loves her woombie and was sleeping comfortably through the night within a week of trying it. Around 9 months, we started leaving her arms out but she still loves the snugness of her sweet woombie. Truly worth every penny and more.

Amazing Product!

Megan - 11th August 2011

All I can say is WOW! My son is 3 months old and has only slept well when he is swaddled. We went from Newborn to Medium/Large cloth swaddlers and the bigger he got, the more he started to kick out of them. This would wake him up at least once per night. I did quite a bit of research on the internet to see what other moms were using as an alternative. Last night we put him to bed for the FIRST time in the Woombie and he slept from 7:30 pm until we woke him up at 6:00 am. I am definitely a believer in this product! We are hoping that the Woombie will continue to give him the gift of peaceful nighttime sleep.


Rachel - 21st July 2011

My baby has wanted to be swaddled as she sleeps since she came out of the womb. But as she grew and got stronger she started getting out of her tightly swaddled blankets (and we swaddled her better than some of the nurses at the hospital). Everyone kept saying "she'll grow out of being swaddled. Just wait." Well she never did and I was running out of options so I ordered the houdini woombie. She has been able to sleep so much better! I HIGHLY recommend this product if your baby will only sleep swaddled.


mlaine - 14th July 2011

Love, love the woombie. My son is 7 mos old and still loves to be swaddled. He can kick himself out of the tradtional swaddle me product, and then wakes up. The woombie is perfect. Enough stretch for him to move but still tight enough for him to feel secure, which means longer naps and longer night sleeping. :-)

Best Sleeping Product Out There

Janna Adams - 08th July 2011

We had been using the Miracle Blanket for Abbie's night sleeping, but I started to worry about how long her arms were being pinned to her side. We tried the Woombie at 2.5 months and all I can say is she's been sleeping in it ever since (for both naps and night sleeping). She now can sleep 10 hours when we put her in the Woombie, more than her usual 7-8. I will use the Woombie as long as she fits into one!

Best blanket ever

Kelly - 06th April 2011

I am a pediatric nurse and mother. I found this blanket for my 2month old who has severe reflux. It is amazing. We absolutely love it and don't use anything else. I just wish I had found it earlier. I also wish it was marketed to pediatric hospitals! It would be great for all those babies!

Love it!

Lynzie - 23rd February 2011

I bought this because my now 6 month old was breaking out of everything we wrapped her in (and we tried everything!)when she was 3 months old. She would not sleep without being wrapped. Once we got the houdini woombie she wasn't able to get out anymore, thus sleeping thru the night consistently.

Could not live without it

T Light - 19th February 2011

Started using the Woombie when Emily was 4 months and she is almost a year now. We could not live without it. She has slept through the night about 99% of the time (more than 10 hours a night). Emily knows when the woombie is on that it time to slept.
It also works wonders when traveling.

Viva la Woombie!

Jenny Martin - 11th February 2011

I just wanted to say viva la Woombie! Chase is almost 4 months, and loves being swaddled. However, he's a strong little dude...we used swaddlemes from birth to a few weeks until he started breaking out of those. The Miracle Blanket was a godsend until the past week; we would find him all tangled up in it no matter how well we wrapped him up, and this was a scary sight! A woman at a salon had raved about the Woombie a few months ago, and we just received our lil' Houdini yesterday. While Chase has always been a great sleeper, I expected a transition period to this new swaddler. Not the case! He slept all night, snug as a bug! I will definitely be recommending your product to others.
Jenny, Todd and Chase Martin


Keith - 06th February 2011

This product totally rocks! Enough said!

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