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An UNbeliever turned believer!!!!

Judi Francy - 20th April 2013

I am truly amazed at this product!

I have a 4 month old daughter that has battled with extreme exzema for a little over a month now. When I was looking for answers and treatment for that, I discovered the Woombie site and saw the potential for a way to keep her from scratching her face to pieces. Though we have since learned how to keep her skin healthy and mostly itchless, she still isn't sleeping all night like she did pre-exzema. I fully expected and already fussy and slightly itchy baby that is used to nursing to sleep to still want to nurse even after zipping her up the first time in the Woombie. Low and behold...She fell asleep! On her own! She even let me put her down in her crib! I am so amazed! And very impressed. I will definately point my friends in the Woombie direction! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I know it's only the first night, but it's such a change that I KNOW it's the Woombie.

God bless!
Judi F.

Love my Woombie!

Kenda Wathen - 05th July 2012

We got a pink ballet woombie for our daughter art 6 mo. She was not yet rolling over and loved to be swaddles. She used it for 3 months before the heat of summer made it too hot. I am so thankful for it and will keep it in mind for friends. I do recommend it to friends all the time.

Not for ALL Babies

Kristin - 01st July 2012

I purchased the Houdini for my 4 month old son who has out grown is miracle blanket. He HAS to have his arms tight to his body or he won't sleep. I thought because the blanket simulates the womb that he's love it. Not the case at all. He put his arms up near his mouth and gets REALLY angry when he can't get his hand into his mouth.
The quality of this product however is stellar to some of the cheaper products. I love the double zipper design and the easiness of use. Just not for my little guy!

Can't live without our woombie!

Katy - 22nd November 2011

We were given a woombie deluxe as a gift for our little girl. It is a life saver and at only 5 weeks old, she has been sleeping through the night for over 2 weeks already. I have been spoiled as a new mom, and I give all the credit to the Woombie and the sweet friend that sent it our way!

We love Woombies!

Debbie E - 10th June 2011

My husband and I were thrilled when we found out we were having identical twin girls, but we feared what our lives would be like having 4 kids and full time jobs! Our girls loved to be swaddled when they slept, but their sleep and ours always got disturbed, when the girls broke out of their velcro swaddle blankets. Then we found the Woombie! This blanket was the answer we were looking for. It kept their arms from hitting their face but did not totally limit their movement. It seemed to give them the same movement they had in the womb! Shortly after we found the Woombie our girls started to sleep through the night. No doubt it was from the comfort that the Woombie provided them! Now that we are all sleeping, life is good!! - Debbie Eisenberg


Ashley - 19th May 2011

I love my sweet girls Woombie. She can't sleep without it. I love the 2 way zipper so I can change her diaper at night without waking her totally up and having to re-swaddle her. She sleeps longer and better with the woombie. I've told all my friends about the Woombie and will buy one for every baby shower I go to. Best idea ever! Thank you so much for making this amazing Woombie!

Great Idea & Very Cute

amydarlinn - 11th April 2011

I think the Ballet one is the cutest woombie for a little girl and I love that it zips for ease. Safe & great for keeping those little hands from causing unnecessary wake-ups.

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