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Wonderful... Except for vented material

New mom - 10th March 2016

First of all, we love almost everything about the woombie. We are transitioning our 4 month old from the miracle blanket he kept breaking out of. He sleeps great in the woombie and I love that we can transition the arms out one at a time when he's ready. Love the stretchy fabric, love the double zipper, love most everything about it... Except for the material on the vented one we bought. Our son has had a patch of dry red skin on his cheek since we bought it and I couldn't figure out what caused the irritation until I realized that it's worse in the morning after he's been bringing his hands to his face while in the woombie. Wish I had bought one of the plain ones, and I might still have to do that to keep him from rubbing his face. Everything else about the woombie is perfect! Would definitely recommend.

Best purchase by a mile!

Ria - 25th November 2015

My LO went from sleeping 2 hour stretches to 5 hour stretches the night we started using a Woombie. Best product ever!

The best thing since sliced bread

Abby - 25th July 2015

I ordered the woombie for my son and he has worn it almost every night since birth. I wanted to keep him swaddled only at night & I was too paranoid to use the blankets that the hospital uses once we got home. He started sleeping all through the night at 5 weeks old! Thank you Lord!! And i know the woombie is to thank go that. He's nice and cozy in it and he can still move his arms and hands up or down in it. I need to get him the next step up, he's growing out of it. Also, I have washed it many On many times and it never looses it's shape or stretch. I received the Velcro ones from Walmart or wherever as a gift and he always got out of it. It didn't make me feel good about putting him in it. I would def recommend this product!

Is this real life??

Celeste - 11th April 2015

I put my baby in the Woombie and he literally fell asleep minutes later. I was so happy I nearly cried. This is pretty much the most amazing product.

My baby loves it!

Heather - 03rd April 2015

My daughter usually hates her arms being tied down but took to the Woombie great! It stretches a little so she doesn't feel so confined but snug enough to help her feel secure.I would definitely recommend this product!

SAFE and Effective!

MamaRachel - 08th October 2014

This is the only thing I felt safe putting my little man to sleep in. He needed to be swaddled, yet he would break free of every swaddle and sleep sack we owned. He would pull the swaddles up over his face! Scary for this mama.

I love how the Woombie zips and clasps at the neck, making it impossible for him to pull it over his head.

The Convertible Woombie is great, because we've been able to slowly transition his arms out of it, so now it's more like a sleep sack with arms out.

If you have a squirmy worm like my guy, then the Woombie is the perfect choice! Love it.


Katie J - 21st December 2013

I used to use the Velcro-type swaddle, and my 4 month old daughter would continuously break out of it. After having 3 bad nights, I searched the internet and found the woombie. This thing is AWESOME. I used the deluxe woombie until I felt that she was ready to have her arms free. Fast forward 2 months, and I bought the convertible woombie. We're on night 3 and it's working out perfectly. She still has the snugness on her chest that she likes, but her arms are free so she can roll around or suck on her hands. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a good swaddle/convertible swaddle


Willams mommy - 23rd October 2013

We needed something to work as a transitional piece to wean our 5 month old daughter from the swaddle. We were using the swaddle sacks with the Velcro pieces that kept the arms down. In order to keep her from breaking out of those things her arms had to be tightly strapped to her sides and because of that, she was only able to lay on her back. She kept breaking out and waking up all through the night! I heard about the woombie on a site while searching for something that could help us with this dilemma. I bought the transitional woombie where she could eventually wear it with both her arms out. I love it! My daughter was annoyed at first that she couldn't put her hands in her mouth with the new freedom but now she sleeps so much better. She can sleep on her side now which helps with her spit up issues and seems much more comfortable! I am going to buy another one asap because I need a backup for when she slobbers/spits up. Thank you for such a great product.

Love my woombie

Trisha - 21st August 2013

I have never left a review, but decided I would for this product. I absolutely love the woombie I received about a week ago for my son. He has always been a good sleeper, but his naps started getting shorter. He is 3.5 months old. I decided to get a swaddle blanket to help him sleep and give me peace of mind that he will not suffocate. After searching online for about an hour i found this website. i bought the original woombie and now when I can tell he is tired I put him in it and lay him down, he is asleep within 5 minutes and has been getting good long naps, which makes for a happier baby. It is super easy to use, and wash.

Daughter did not like

Sabrina - 25th June 2013

I read the fabulous reviews and had my heart set on this working for my baby. My baby grunts louder and gets super frustrated she can't get to her hands. Going to give it to a friend and hope it works for her little one that will be arriving in December!

Great Product

Wendy Massa - 13th April 2013

We absolutely love the Woombie!!! My daughter loves being swaddled and I needed something she could not "break out of". I found the Woombie on a blog and it got rave reviews so I gave it a try and it has worked great. I would recommend this to anyone who has a baby that loves to be swaddled and is looking for longer sleep times!!

truly the best

Shannon Cook - 24th August 2012

Let me start by saying THANK YOU!!!!! My darling 4 month old baby loves/needs to be swaddled to sleep, but she has broken out of every swaddle. When she was first born we used the SwaddleMe brand, while great, like majority of the other reviews mention the Velcro sucks and to top if off my little one would wiggle her arms out and then wake up and cry. We then switched to the miracle blanket, which likes its name mentions was a miracle; however, this too should pass. After about a month she was wiggling enough and learned how to unpin her arms and unwrap the swaddle which would then trigger the cries! I was at my wits end and was going to suffer for a week or two until she learned to sleep without it, but I decided to research swaddles anyway. I looked at the Halo sleep sack, but she was too old for the swaddle one and I definitely couldn\\\\\\\'t have her arms flaling about. All the others were just a slight change from the other two I had tried and knew that wasn\\\\\\\'t going to work. I landed on the Woombie and debated for a week or two after more sleepless nights I finally ordered the convertible in hopes to also use it as a weaning tool when we are ready. Like all the other reviews mentioned: I wish I would have found Woombie first!!!! We put it on her tonight and it took a minute to get used to but she loves it and no amount of wiggling will free her arms. I just hope that other people can read this and know this review is real. I love this product and would have saved myself over a hundred dollars on those other USELESS swaddles if I had found this first. I will be praising you guys until kingdom come.

Thank You-
Shannon Cook, CA


cosmchk - 08th August 2012

My sister told me about the Woombie. My son could get himself out of the other velcro ones, which meant he wasn't sleeping soundly. Enter the Woombie. He can't break out of it, but more importantly he has enough room to move his arms around and doesn't stress/struggle to get out. Also, the sizes are big enough to accommodate an older child. Not every child can stop being swaddled at 5 months. Wish I would have had one from the beginning. We will with the next child! Thanks for such a great product!


Mindy Porter - 11th June 2012

Hi! I ABSOLUTELY love the Woombie! We have 5 and I just purchased another one :). I live in Texas were it is hot or warm almost year round. Our favorite woombie is the summer one and the convertible. I did see the new summer onesie with convertible arms coming soon. I love the breathable mesh looking material. My HIGH maintenance daughter will not, I repeat, will not go to sleep or calm down unless in the Woombie. Thank you for your time and such a wonderful product!!!
Mindy Portsr

We are in love!

Bare Feet on the Dashboard - 20th October 2011

The convertible Woombie has been a lifesaver for us as we transition from swaddling with arms in to arms free sleeping for our little boy. We used swaddle blankets and an original Woombie until recently, and the switch was so easy. Thanks for making great products that make parenting a little easier. I'm posting a review on my blog this week.

This product is highly recommended!

MD Mom - 25th August 2011

Thanks so much for making this product. It helped us to make the transition from swaddling to arms-free SO easy. We started at nap-time, and by day 3 she was sleeping arms free. It also helped that she was already used to the woombe fabric and concept, so she did not feel so "abandoned". Great product, I am a mom of 3 and Pediatrician in WI. I recommend this to all of my patients. Top buy. KM, MD.

Convertible Woombie

Nicole Vroman - 15th July 2011

My daughter was premature and has used a woombie since birth. She is now 18mo old and still needs to be swaddled. The convertible woombie is perfect for her because she needs her arms out to hold her lovey and her water cup. We stopped swaddling her around 12mo but she kept waking up every 2 hrs. I put her back in her woombie and she slept right through the night again. Thank you for such a great product. I wish I had this for my sons who needed the swaddling long than 3 months too. Nicole Vroman

Thank you for the Convertible!

Kristen - 21st January 2011

I just wanted to send a note to say that the convertible woombie really worked well for my daughter. She is 7 months old and it was time to wean her off her woombie. She loved her woombie and it is something that has been a lifesaver since the moment we received it in the mail! I knew it would be a challenge to wean her off so when I saw the convertible woombie on your website I felt a bit of relief. I must admit I waited to order because I had already purchased 4 woombies and was hesitant to spend more money but I am sure glad I did. She is now (about a week after using the convertible) sleeping with both arms out! Just thought it would be nice to hear a positive comment about a new product!

Kristen (mom of an adorable 7 month old little girl)

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