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In love.

Luke E's Momma - 19th May 2015

Just received my son's woombie about 5 days ago and it is wonderful! He went from sleeping maybe 2.5 hours at a time at night to 4-5 hours. Because he was born early (at 28 weeks) he has to be bottle fed due to his milk being fortified for extra nutrients and calories and thickened due to reflux. Making his bottles alone takes about 10 minutes, then I feed him, he has to be burped and then sit up for 15-20 minutes, then I have to pump. After all that is done I am left with maybe an hour to sleep before the process starts over again. Since he has been sleeping in the woombie he has slept so much better and longer and so has his momma!

He also can no longer escape! Traditional swaddle blankets stopped working weeks ago and even the Velcro wrap blankets didn't stand up to my baby magician. I bought an off brand woombie from Target with high hopes but it was way too tight for him even though he was 3.5 lbs under the weight limit. He didn't even sleep one full night in it because I was too worried it was restricting his breathing.

Adding to my love of this product is that it is breathable with the mesh insert. We live in Texas and our house does not have central AC. I was constantly worried about him overhearing in his swaddle blankets and often slept with him in the living room because the AC wall unit is in there. Now I can actually sleep with my husband and know that my baby will stay cool.

Thank you so much for yalls product, it has been a big influence in our house and we couldn't be more greatful.

Love Love Love

Courtney - 15th October 2014

This is the best baby product I have found. So easy to swaddle your little one safely. My daughter slept in this till she could roll over. She loved it. The air kept her cool enough during the summer months but also still warm enough. Only problem was I only had 1 of the air and I needed a few extra to use between washing. I did buy the original in the next size up to use as she got bigger. I buy these now for all my baby showers. Love love love!!!

In Love with the Woombie Air!

Tiffany - 01st May 2014

This is the perfect swaddle for our little angel! We live in such a hot area that I love that it has extra breathe ability for her!

Sleeping all night long!!

Mandy b - 01st February 2014

My family first discovered the woombie when my daughter (2yrs old in March) was only 4 weeks old. Nothing we tried before the woombie kept her bundled, so we were up ALL night!
Once we zipped her up in the woombie, she started sleeping all night and we never had another issue. Since that first night, she's had a woombie EVERY nap time and night time since. January 11, 2013 was her first night without a woombie since she was four weeks old as she has now outgrown your "MegaBaby" woombie. (I'm pretty sure it was harder on me than her! LOL)
I have claimed from the first night with the last night...that is THE MIRACLE SWADDLER! Thank you so much for helping me with my sweet girl for nearly 2 full years of swaddling and peace at night! I tell all of my friends of woombie and I will use it for any other children I have going forward!!!

Again....THANK YOU!!!!

Mandy Boling

Woombie Air Works

Sherry H - 08th January 2014

My 10 week old sleeps through the night and I owe a lot to the Woombie Air I ordered when she was just 2 weeks old. She loves it. We tried to put her down without the Woombie last night for the first time and she woke up just 20 minutes later. We put her back in the Woombie and she woke 8 hours later. Thanks for this great product!

Extremely happy mommy of twins!

Chrissy Krame - 12th August 2013

Hi Karen,
I am the mother of six month old twins, and recently purchased a few woombies, as my babies were consistently breaking out of every kind of swaddle blanket I could find. I knew they needed to be swaddled, as their startle reflex is still waking them up. They are preemies, born 10 weeks early. Well, the first night in the woombie, thy only woke one time! And every night since have slept through the night!! They are happy, as they are still able to move their hands somewhat, but they are still snuggled tightly, and cannot get out of the woombie. I am so impressed and happy with this product! I have raved about them to many a new mom, and already have convinced quite easily about five new moms to buy them! Thank you so much for this wonderful product!!

Chrissy Kramer, new mom of twins
High Point, NC. 27265

LOVE the Woombie! Happy baby, happy mum!

Kelly Murray - 04th May 2013

My baby boy didn't sleep any longer than 20min at a time when he was born. Every time I put him down he would wake up, either with wind, from the startle reflex or he would just wiggle and wiggle until he got out if his wrap no matter how tight it was.
The first night I used the woombie he slept 4 hours straight and he was only 2 weeks old. He's been a good sleeper since. It makes him feel safe and secure, and it means you don't have to worry about the blankets being kicked off or riding up too high around the face.
The woombie has helped get him into a routine also. As soon as I put him in it he knows its sleep time. We love it.

A lifesaver!

Talia Goldstein - 23rd January 2013

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this amazing creation. My first child was very colicky and this was a life saver. He's now 2 1/2 and became a wonderful sleeper. My second child (she's 3 months)refused to sleep out of my arms until we tried the Woombie. Once again, instant success! I thought that she was getting too old to be swaddled because she can roll, so I tried to have her sleep on her own this week. Big mistake! We were up at least once every hour. She would cry as soon as her back touched the crib and her arms and legs go flying in all directions throughout the night. I put her back in the Woombie last night and she slept from 8pm to 5:30am. My daughter is extremely active and the Woombie helps calm her down and keep her asleep. I'm so convinced that the Woombie is a necessity for my daughter to have healthy sleep, that I just bought the next size up. Thank you again!

I tell EVERY new mom about the Woombie!

Jamie Baldwin - 22nd January 2013

Hello! I just wanted to let you all know that I tell EVERY new mom about the Woombie. I did not know about them when my 3 1/2 year old was a baby, but my son is almost a year old and I exclusively used Woombies on him from the minute he was born. I LOVED that they never rode up. With the other swaddles I would lose sleep about my daughter maybe loosening them and they would be up around her face and neck, but with the Woombie it stayed put 100% of the time which gave this mama such peace of mind. I lend my Woombies out constantly, sure that once a swaddler goes to a Woombie they'll never look back! Thank you for creating a superior swaddle product...I will continue to sing Woombie praises to all new moms and moms-to-be!

Jamie Baldwin


Tara Maclane - 22nd January 2013

Hi, i used the Woombie on my daughter last night for the first time. SHE LOVED IT! i'm only one day into it, but i can tell this will be a life changer for me. she loves her hands near her face and when i would "traditionally" swaddler her, i felt bad about taking that comfort from her. i love that she can feel secure, but also move around. im sure i will not regret writing this review so early. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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