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Life changing!

Ashley - 11th September 2013

I am so glad I discovered the woombie! Ever since we got the first one, my son has slept so much better. Before we got it, he would wake up immediately when we put him down due to his strong startle reflex. Since using the woombie, that is no longer a problem! We now use the convertible woombie and he sleeps with one arm out. I don't know what we would have done without our woombies! I recommend them to everybody I know that is having a baby!

Love the woombie!

Dani - 09th May 2013

I recently found woombie after my newborn grew out of his halo sleepsack (size newborn). The halo is ok, but the woombie calms my lil man so much better. He only likes to be swaddled during nap time and bed times and woombie helps him relax. I wish I had this product during newborn phase, but at 3 months old my baby is quite satisfied. Buy the woombie you will not be dissapointed.

Life saver!!!

BugsMommy - 08th March 2013

We *LOVE LOVE LOVE* our woombies! At 14 months we are still using ours. I'm buying the converable today to possibly start trasitioning. My little bug knows it's bed time as soon as I get the woombie out. It's the best swaddle product on the market hands down!

Easy to use and comfortable

Jennifer Olson - 20th December 2012

My almost four month old son really does well with the Woombie and has always loved being swaddled. I had to buy him this woombie as he grew out of his swaddler from his birth. My only complaint about the Woombie is that the snap and zipper are at the top by the chin and my son will use his fists to push this up to his mouth and will just suck on it, so I have to wash it quite often because of that. If there were no snap and the zipper ended at the bottom, we wouldn't have that problem.


Karris - 16th October 2012

This product is the BEST! My baby knew when it was bed time when I put her in her Woombie. She was only waking up once a night from about 1 month on and she slept in a Woombie until about 6 months old. Every mom should have one!

a MUST have

Lauren K - 14th October 2012

I had one for my son, and he was a fantastic sleeper all through the night from the earliest age!
I now am on baby #2, and at 4 months old I was trying to figure out why she didnt sleep as well as her brother did - and then it hit me, she doesnt have a woombie! I got her a woombie, and BAM she is sleeping through the night and falls asleep on her own when I lay her in her crib. Such a life saver!

AMAZING for Special Needs Children!!

Christine Dice - 03rd June 2012

I love the Woombie!!! My daughter has special needs and needs to be swaddled some nights to get her to sleep. She is able to get out of blankets and other swaddlers like a pro, and it was difficult not to tangle her feeding tube. I came across your product and haven't looked back! The double zipper is genius for feeding tubes. I wish I would've known about these sooner. Thank you for making such a FANTASTIC product!!! ♥


Shari - 01st May 2012

No wiggling out of this thing!!!! LOVE IT!


Kelly Schifone - 09th April 2012

We tried several different swaddles for our DS before we tried the woombie. I first love that the material is stretchy and breathable. Secondly, I love the zipper vs. velcro flaps. Thirdly, our DS was not able to squirm his hands out and scratch his face. Our DS has had a really good experience with the Woombie and it has made our lives a whole lot easier. It is now time to wean him and I am not looking forward to it. I wish I could keep him in one until he goes to college!!!

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