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MommyTime Time In Dolls DaddyTime Time In Dolls Minky Cuddle Cape (4 colors) Organic Cuddle Towel w/ears


Mod Le'Sac

(wearable blanket, not a swaddle)

Houdini Pink Cotton Candy

Sage Gray Zebra Hat

Convertible Summer Onesie Beige Stripes 

 The CozyDry®



CozyDry Hooded Towel 

Blanket Boy Stripe w / Satin trim Blanket Girl Stripe w/ Satin trim

Mod Plushies, Furry Minky and Satin Comfort Squares

Fancy Fab Leggies Pink/snap

Mo'Mo Friends Blanket        Product pictures found here:

MOD Diaper Mat
   Hip Baby® Woombie + Hat    
 Wrap & Snap Strawberries  Hip Baby Swaddle + Hat

Deluxe Ballet Pink Ruffle BB

(older packaging, same product)

Winter Pink

(less stretchy and smaller fit)

The Woombie Ultra Sleeper The Woombie Ultra Sleeper The Woombie Ultra Sleeper  
 Ultra Sleeper Scruffy Bear   Ultra Sleeper Bunny's Car  Ultra Sleeper Love   
 Deluxe Denim  Cream Bamboo Cloth Diaper  Mint Bamboo Cloth Diaper  Pink Bamboo Cloth Diaper
Woombie Plus Swaddle + Positioner Pink  Woombie Plus Swaddle + Positioner Blue Woombie Plus Swaddle + Positioner Gray  Animal Woombie + Hat Bear
  Animal Woombie + Hat Cat  Animal Woombie + Hat Dog  Animal Woombie + Hat Frog   Animal Woombie + Hat Pig
Merino Gown/Purple  Merino Gown/Black   Merino Gown/Gray  Merino Gown/Bisque 


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Life changing!

Ashley - 11th September 2013

I am so glad I discovered the woombie! Ever since we got the first one, my son has slept so much better. Before we got it, he would wake up immediately when we put him down due to his strong startle reflex. Since using the woombie, that is no longer a ...

Love the woombie!

Dani - 09th May 2013

I recently found woombie after my newborn grew out of his halo sleepsack (size newborn). The halo is ok, but the woombie calms my lil man so much better. He only likes to be swaddled during nap time and bed times and woombie helps him relax. I wish I had ...

Life saver!!!

BugsMommy - 08th March 2013

We *LOVE LOVE LOVE* our woombies! At 14 months we are still using ours. I'm buying the converable today to possibly start trasitioning. My little bug knows it's bed time as soon as I get the woombie out. It's the best swaddle product on the market hands d...

Easy to use and comfortable

Jennifer Olson - 20th December 2012

My almost four month old son really does well with the Woombie and has always loved being swaddled. I had to buy him this woombie as he grew out of his swaddler from his birth. My only complaint about the Woombie is that the snap and zipper are at the top...


Karris - 16th October 2012

This product is the BEST! My baby knew when it was bed time when I put her in her Woombie. She was only waking up once a night from about 1 month on and she slept in a Woombie until about 6 months old. Every mom should have one!

a MUST have

Lauren K - 14th October 2012

I had one for my son, and he was a fantastic sleeper all through the night from the earliest age!
I now am on baby #2, and at 4 months old I was trying to figure out why she didnt sleep as well as her brother did - and then it hit me, she doesnt have a ...

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