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Which Woombie is for me?

Woombie & MOD'Swad products are proud to offer "a swaddle for every babys needs". The more information you have as a parent and buyer, the happier you and baby will sleep.

ALL Woombie swaddles are made with a Cotton/Spandex blend except for the Winter version, which is 100% polyester.

Below are our various styles, with an explaination of its stretch and capabilites:

  • Summer Woombie, Tru'AIre, Venti'Flo, Mod'Bamboo: Light fabric, used more for transitioning baby from a restrictive swaddle or flor use in extreme termperatures. 

  • Original,Organic, Deluxe, Hip'Baby, Lil'Stud, Fancy & Fabuous, Summer Onesie Woombie, Mod'Merino : Made with a fabric similar to a tee-shirt. It provides the average swaddle for the average baby's needs. Light, breathable.

  • Convertible, Woombie AIR, Deluxe Denim, Leggies, Convertible Leggies:   Slightly tighter weave when compared to the above. Less stretchy, more swaddle.

  • Houdini, Wrap & Snap: a firmer swaddle, most restrictive,works well with more fussy or gassy babies.
  • Winter: Thin fleece,slightly stretchy.



A tog measurement is a European warmth rating: the higher the tog, the warmer the product.

0.2 Tog = best for 75F+       1.0 Tog= best for 68F-75F        2.0 Tog=best for  65F-71F 

  • 0.2 Tog  Summer Woombie, AIR Wrap
  • 1.0 Tog  Original Woombie, Organic, Woombie AIR, Convertible with vent
  • 1.5 Tog  Houdini, Convertible no vent
  • 2.0 Tog  Woombie Ultra Sleepers and Winter Woombie


We care about your baby's safety

  • Always follow the recommended size guidelines on our product, never skipping sizes
  • Sizes should be ordered in accordance with weight, not age or length
  • Rolling is a sign to stop swaddling. If your baby begins to roll from back to stomach while swaddled, please discontinue use
  • Always position baby on his/her back to sleep
  • If needed, you may customize the neck opening by:
    a. Stretching collar out before use
    b. Leaving zipper down up to 1 inch
  • Baby should be lightly clothed for sleep at a room temperature of 67-72º & never feel hot or cool to touch
  • Do not use on undersized infants
  • Do not allow fabric to cover infants mouth or nose

Happy Dreams...... XXX Woombie