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Facts about Bamboo, Maintaining Ecological Balance.

BambooBamboo is botanically classified as a grass and may be the most sustainable, maintaining ecological balance, natural resource the world has.

"sustainable: used to describe a system of exploiting natural resources without destroying the ecological balance of a particular area." quote from Encarta, World English Dictionary"

Bamboo is a fast growing grass and quickly reaches maturity in about four years. Its root system is continually sprouting new growth and new shoots. This continuous sprouting makes replanting after harvesting the grass unnecessary. Bamboo does this all naturally without any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial

"Acting against growth of bacteria preventing, killing, or reducing the growth of bacteria." quote from Encarta, World English Dictionary"

and anti-fungal.

"preventing or reducing the growth of fungi, or killing fungi." quote from Encarta, World English Dictionary"

Bamboo Is 100% Bio Degradable.

Growing bamboo is eco-friendly.
Bamboo plantations have no need for large petroleum tractors to plant seeds and cultivate the soil. Bamboo doesn't need agricultural maintenance because it grows naturally. Growing bamboo reduces greenhouse gases, because bamboo plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Bamboo can create 5 times more carbon than the same amount of trees and 35% more oxygen. Bamboo naturally absorbs 2/3 more carbon dioxide and releases 2/3 more oxygen than any other plant.

The quality of soil is improved and soil erosion is prevented by bamboos root system. This helps retain more water in the land without it draining into the river or lake. Bamboo plants reduce runoff and prevent water pollution through its high nitrogen consumption.

Bamboo plants create improved oxygenated air and balanced humidity.

Bamboo clothing and the plant are totally decomposable in the soil by micro organisms and natural light from the sun. This is all done because bamboo is 100% bio degradable and doesn't decompose into any pollutants.

Fast Growing Bamboo

Bamboo Shoots Grow 24 To 36 Inches Every 24 Hours.
Bamboo is a fast growing grass and some strains of bamboo can grow 3 feet per day. There are over 1,200 different types of bamboo classified. The most widely harvested and used bamboo for product creation is "Phyllostachys Pubescens" or "Phyllostachys Heterocycla" commonly called Moso Bamboo.

No AllergieDo You Have Allergies?

Clothing Made With Bamboo Is Hypo Allergenic.
Bamboo naturally contains an anti bacterial agent, bamboo kun, that prevents, kills or reduces the growth of bacteria. Tests have been conducted by scientists on the effects of bamboo kun. The test results showed that a large percentage of bacteria that incubates on bamboo fabric is killed due to bamboo kun.

Along with being anti bacterial bamboo is also anti fungal and resistant to mildew. All of these qualities of the plant carry over to the fabric.

This is why bamboo fabric is the perfect material to make towels, bed sheets and clothing for people with allergies. The bacteria can not live in an environment and fabric that has bamboo kun.

More Clothing Being Made With Eco Friendly Bamboo.

Why Choose Bamboo Fabric?

  • Clothing can be produced without chemical additives.
  • The high luster and soft feel of bamboo fabric compares to very fine silk and cashmere.
  • It is naturally anti static.
  • Bamboo naturally protects against the sun's harmful rays and is UV resistant.
  • Bamboo fibers are naturally anti fungal, anti bacterial and mildew resistant.
  • Bamboo takes natural color well and has good color fastness.
  • Bamboo fibers are porous making fabric that is breathable.
  • Bamboo also has natural moisture wicking, takes moisture away from the body and transfers it to the garment's surface to evaporate. This keeps the body cool and dry during hot weather and clothing doesn't stick to the skin.
  • Has excellent insulator and thermal regulating characteristics that maintain body temperature regardless of changing conditions.
  • Bamboo clothing is machine washer and dryer safe at warm temperatures. There is very little shrinkage from washing and drying.