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Convertible Woombie

Convertible Woombie
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Convertible Woombie Convertible Woombie Convertible Woombie Convertible Woombie
Convertible Woombie Convertible Woombie Convertible Woombie Convertible Woombie


Convertible Woombie, with or without vent: Arms open to convert from the Original Woombie swaddle sleep sack to an arms-free sleep sack when the time arises to transition the baby. Do what’s most comfortable for your baby with either option! Cotton/Spandex blend. Fabric stretchy.
Available in 3 sizes, hats not included.


Lovely Cupcakes/Vented Little Monster/Vented Woof Woof Limited Edition
Blue Lagoon/Vent or Non Limited Edition  Convertible Gray Elephants Convertible Nautical Blue Stripes
Twilight (Heathered Gray) Convertible Twilight (gray heather) w/Vent Convertible Preppy Pink Stripes 

Pink Stripe Hat on our Woombie HATS page

Sold separately 

Navy Stripe Hat on our Woombie HATS page

Sold separately 

Gray Ele Hat on our Woombie HATS page

Sold separately 


This item is Patented, U.S. Serial No. 29/370,179




• Prevents loose blankets in crib

• Does not restrict hip movement

• Maintains airflow with a breathable fabric

• Unlike a blanket, will not unravel potentially covering airways


• Soothes baby by re-creating the womb setting

• Swaddles baby easily & effectively

• Prevents unnecessary waking due to the startle reflex

• Prevents face scratching by cocooning the hands& arms

• Tapered waist applies gentle pressure to gassy tummies


• Soft cotton fabric gently hugs baby

• Lightweight & breathable, great for all seasons

• Soft compression recreates the feeling of touch, increasing baby’s security


• Simple to use, just place baby inside & zip it up!

• Eases the transition from womb to world

• Two-way zipper makes diaper changes a breeze


• Easy cleaning & care


This item is Patented, U.S. D669,659 S/ Canadian Patent Pending/ European Patent Pending/ Australian Registered Design No 334570


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Is this real life??

Celeste - 11th April 2015

I put my baby in the Woombie and he literally fell asleep minutes later. I was so happy I nearly cried. This is pretty much the most amazing product.

My baby loves it!

Heather - 03rd April 2015

My daughter usually hates her arms being tied down but took to the Woombie great! It stretches a little so she doesn't feel so confined but snug enough to help her feel secure.I would definitely recommend this product!

SAFE and Effective!

MamaRachel - 08th October 2014

This is the only thing I felt safe putting my little man to sleep in. He needed to be swaddled, yet he would break free of every swaddle and sleep sack we owned. He would pull the swaddles up over his face! Scary for this mama.

I love how the Woombie z...


Katie J - 21st December 2013

I used to use the Velcro-type swaddle, and my 4 month old daughter would continuously break out of it. After having 3 bad nights, I searched the internet and found the woombie. This thing is AWESOME. I used the deluxe woombie until I felt that she was rea...


Willams mommy - 23rd October 2013

We needed something to work as a transitional piece to wean our 5 month old daughter from the swaddle. We were using the swaddle sacks with the Velcro pieces that kept the arms down. In order to keep her from breaking out of those things her arms had to b...

Love my woombie

Trisha - 21st August 2013

I have never left a review, but decided I would for this product. I absolutely love the woombie I received about a week ago for my son. He has always been a good sleeper, but his naps started getting shorter. He is 3.5 months old. I decided to get a swadd...

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