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6 Baby Sleep Safety Tips

September is Baby Safety Month so it is a good time for parents to focus on making sure they are doing all they can to keep their babies safe and protected. Since babies sleep so much as infants, it’s important to … Continue reading

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7 Ear Infection Symptoms to Look Out For

Ear infections are a common problem that young children face. The canal that connects the middle ear to the throat is a breeding ground for bacteria. In a small area (like a baby’s head), fluid collects and transfers bacteria around. … Continue reading

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4 Ways Moms Can Get Healthy Without Hitting the Gym

For a mom, getting healthy can be a challenge. There’s a lot going on in your life that can distract you from your healthy goals. It can also be tough getting back into the swing of things after you’ve given … Continue reading

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Baby Swaddling Myths and Truths

As a parent to a newborn, there’s something you going to learn how to do very quickly: swaddle your baby. The swaddle is an important technique that helps calm babies and put them to sleep easily. The first few months of … Continue reading

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Simple Ways to Show Your Kids How to Be Healthy

If you ask an expecting mother whether she hopes she’s having a boy or a girl, most likely she will answer “as long as they are healthy, it doesn’t matter.” Our health is so important, and as parents, we do … Continue reading

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Caring for Yourself is Caring for Your Baby

From the moment you bring your child home from the hospital, he or she is dependent on you for most of existence. You are the source of sustenance, education, physical well-being, and life in general. While caring for your baby … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Teach Your Child to Become a Rockstar Sleeper

Based on my studies, research and first-hand experience with helping 100s of parents successfully sleep train their children, implementing the following 10 tips will aid parents in successfully sleep training their child. Believe it or not, sometimes these 10 tips … Continue reading

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