Sleep 911 with The Baby Sleep Whisperer

Ingrid Prueher - Baby Sleep ConsultantHave a sleep question?  Woombie and The Baby Sleep Whisperer are here to help!  Ingrid Prueher is Woombie’s Resident Child Sleep Consultant.  Every week on Monday nights from 10 – 11 PM EST, Ingrid will post all Q&A’s from the prior week.

Submit your sleep question below and Ingrid will post her expert answer on The Baby Sleep Whisperer Facebook page Monday nights and Woombie will also post on our blog later that week (and then post the blog on Facebook). Make sure to like The Baby Sleep Whisperer’s Facebook page as Ingrid will tag you in the answer and the Woombie Swaddle Facebook page. We encourage you to share this resource with other parents and caretakers and tune in at the times above.

Sleep 911 - Submit Your Sleep Questions to The Baby Sleep Whisperer

Woombie's Resident Child Sleep Expert is here to answer your sleep questions! Submit your question by completing the form below and on Monday nights from 10 - 11 PM EST, we will post the answers.
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Baby-Sleep-WhispererClick here to learn more about Ingrid Prueher, The Baby Sleep Whisperer.

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