Family Game Night: 5 Tips to Enjoy your Family & Discover New, Smart, Fun toys

family game night fun games for familyWhen was the last time you played with your kids? When life gets fast and furious play time may get shelved. Yet, play and Family Game Night helps a family unwind and gives kids lasting memories. Family game night is one way to keep families happy and balanced. In addition to improving the whole family dynamic, Family Game Night has the power to teach kids lessons like, being a good sport – whether they win or lose; to play fair – that means not cheating, and respecting others’ turn all while they are having fun.

Here are five ways to make great memories with Family Game Night.

1. Schedule it: Tell the family about it. Write it on a goals list if you have one and stick to the commitment at least once a week and make it FUN.

2. Be prepared: Do your research, choose games that are age appropriate, that the whole family can play and still challenge your child. See three game suggestions below.

3. Focus: Remove other distractions, TV, Computers, Wii, cell phones. This teaches kids to focus too and they appreciate your focus on them alone.

4. Teach the games to your kids. They may not know how to play them. They’ll also learn Kids are natural learners/sponges. Try to start off simple and add more rules if the game will allow for it.

5. Play the games again and again – As kids get better they will want to play more. Kids love to win. Make a big deal when they do win. If you think they’d like competition, make it competitive.

These three games will make Family Game night a rich experience for kids aged 5-8:

Skippity family game funA. Skippity – It’s similar to checkers and some teachers use for indoor recess and as a logic game. It’s good for kids because the rules are easy to understand and hence a good pick for Family Game Night.

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SpotIt game for family fun

B. Spot It – This card game is fun, fast-paced, and simple to play. This game comes with circular cards and each card has symbols. Players simply spot the matching symbol between the two cards. The first to spot and call out the match wins. The game is ideal because it tests players’ visual perception skills. (Learn More: link to the game)

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Bananagrams fun family gameC. Bananagrams – This great Family Game Night game improves spelling and vocabulary plus rewards kids for speed and flexibility in making their own personal crossword while other players do the same. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for your turn. (Learn More: link to the game)

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kids games fun smart toysGuest post by Malti Melvani – Founder of Kids Love Play and Funoligist

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