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5 Tips to Handle Being Pregnant in the Summer

When we were little, being pregnant was the best time of the year. It’s still a lot of fun… unless you’re pregnant. The heat can be uncomfortable when you’re carrying some extra weight around. As unbearable as the summer may … Continue reading

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Fertility Alternatives: 5 Ways Your In Vitro Pregnancy Will Differ from a Typical Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is a little bit different, but a successful in vitro pregnancy can be different from natural pregnancies in a myriad of ways. While your pregnancy can be just as successful and end with a healthy new baby, you … Continue reading

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Been There, Done That: What to Expect with Your Second Pregnancy

If you’re thinking about expanding your family, thoughts of pregnancy round two might have crossed your mind. But instead of wondering what childbirth will be like, you’re probably wondering how this pregnancy will differ from the first. Or maybe even … Continue reading

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8 Drug-Free Tips on How to Combat Summer Travel Motion Sickness

You’ve got the maps, the tunes, the road trip munchies and you’re all set for the journey. But even a well-planned getaway can quickly turn into “get-out-of-my-way” for anyone who has ever suffered from motion sickness. Whether by car, boat, … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Make Peace and Let Go of Labor Fear

There are times when as a natural childbirth instructor I have to tell my students, “Okay, I understand this may sound a little ‘hippie dippie’, but listen to what I’m about to say.” One of the times I hear myself … Continue reading

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30 Blogs for First Time Parents

While you knew you’d be bringing home a new baby, you likely didn’t realize just how deep and raw the emotions were that would come with your new bundle of joy. You want to make all the right decisions regarding … Continue reading

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Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Tell ten people that you are expecting a baby and you are likely to get dozens of tips and words of advice from each of them. Though you might love that everyone wants to be sure that you and your … Continue reading

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The Importance of Labor Support – Do I need a Doula?

Modernization has brought a double-edged sword to the well-being of humanity. On the one hand, modernization elevates us to new intellectual and technological heights that go beyond our wildest imagination. On the other hand, obsession with advancement has begun to … Continue reading

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Six Reasons to Break Up With Your Prenatal Caregiver

No doubt about it: Deep breathing, visualization and relaxation tools are powerful when it comes to having a positive birth. HypnoBirthing not only helped me, but hundreds of my couples to have comfortable, natural births. But the tools alone aren’t … Continue reading

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