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5 Ways to Treat Your Baby’s Eczema

It’s very common for babies to develop red, crusty patches of skin during the first few months of life. For some babies it will last into adolescence but for others they will outgrow it. It can appear anywhere on baby … Continue reading

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3 Day Potty Training: Is It Possible?

I’m sure you have come across 3 day potty training methods that promise to potty train your child in 3 days. But you wonder if such methods are just gimmicks. Same here! When I started potty training my daughter, she was such a … Continue reading

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Tips for Building Baby’s Muscles

As your baby learns to navigate the world, she will not only need the mental skills to complete tasks, but the physical abilities as well. Often babies will be frustrated because they understand what they want and how to get … Continue reading

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Ways You Can Balance Your Hormones During Your Pregnancy

From extreme fatigue to feeling overly emotional, there are many ways that an imbalance of hormones can make you feel out of sorts while pregnant. Having a hormone imbalance can make your pregnancy challenging, and can be difficult to cope … Continue reading

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Avoid Toxins in Your Holiday Treats

It’s the season for cooking! Even if you don’t cook much, you’re sure to find reasons during this part of the year. Hopefully you’ll be spending time with your loved ones, sharing stories, building memories and enjoy some great food. … Continue reading

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How to Handle A Toddler Temper Tantrum

A temper tantrum is a quick and powerful burst of anger. One moment everyone is having a good time and the next your toddler is screaming about something. Interestingly, many people think their child has more tantrums than most kids, but this … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Finger Foods

When your child is ready for the solid foods, they’ll most likely want to grab and eat anything in sight. While introducing these solid foods to your baby is completely normal, you’ll certainly want to give them something healthy and … Continue reading

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Tips for Travel with Your Kids – Part 1

With lots of holiday time coming up, the kids’ school schedules are opening up and that means time and opportunity for doing some serious traveling beyond the old weekend warrior thing. Whether that means a trip to grandma’s halfway across … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Avoid Separation Anxiety in Toddlers

Separation anxiety is a natural thing for toddlers to experience as they begin to become aware of the concept that something – or someone, like Mom and Dad – still exists even when they can’t see them. The anxiety comes … Continue reading

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Let’s Motor, Baby! Fun Activities to Help Your Baby Develop Their Motor Skills

There are many milestones and things to watch for and anticipate as a new parent. One of these areas involves motor skills. Motor skills are defined as an intentional muscle movement—these movements are typically placed into 2 categories, gross motor … Continue reading

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