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Splish Splash: Making Bath Time Fun

For some families, bath time can be a troubling experience. Some kids fight it and feels like a chore. You can lighten the mood on the whole experience by treating it like a treat. Offer an activity or type of … Continue reading

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Modern Baby Names: Boy and Girl

While many baby names have remained very common throughout the years, there are certainly decade-specific names that were popular. From the 1920s through several future decades, Robert and John were popular for boys, and Mary was a clear-cut favorite for … Continue reading

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Running Out of Time: What New Parents Should Know About Adoption

For couples who are looking to adopt and welcome a child into their home, it can be exciting to plan for the future and grow the family. Before it’s time to paint the nursery or buy baby clothes, there are … Continue reading

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8 Helpful Tips for Laundry Day

Laundry is tough and it never seems to end! When you care for a family, as soon as you’re caught up, a new load is dropped off. There’s no avoiding this task, but we can make it easier on ourselves. … Continue reading

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What to Pack When You Travel While Pregnant

As if travel preparations weren’t difficult enough, doing it while you’re pregnant makes things even trickier. If you can get your doctor’s blessing and make smart preparations, there’s no reason to miss out on enjoying travel. If you’re planning on … Continue reading

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Nesting Instinct: Five Ways to Get Your Home Ready for a Baby

Every mother goes through, albeit in different ways, that natural nesting instinct. As the time draws nearer to bring your little bundle of joy home, you begin more fervently preparing for him or her. The task of readying your home … Continue reading

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3 Ways to De-stress With Your Kids

Adults and kids alike can all struggle with stress from time to time. For adults, the daily tasks at work, taking care of the kids, and seemingly never-ending expenses can all cause some anxiety in our lives. Different problems with … Continue reading

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19 Daylight Saving Time Sleep Tips by the Family Sleep Institute’s Top Certified Child Sleep Consultants

This year Daylight Saving Time ends on November 2nd at 2:00 am and the clocks will turn back one hour. People usually love getting that extra hour to sleep in, but many parents don’t get that luxury because their children … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes for Little Ones Using Regular Baby Gear

It’s that time of the year again when parents get to take kids apple picking, go on hay rides, and start carving pumpkins. It also means now’s the time to pick out your Halloween costumes (or start making them if … Continue reading

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5 Games for a Kids Halloween Party

As Halloween approaches, you might be making plans to host a party. You’ll need a great costume (the host’s should be the best), a house full of decorations, great food, and of course a schedule of Halloween-themed games to keep … Continue reading

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