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My 15 week old is regressing with sleep. He needs to be held or rocked. He has reflux, only take 19oz a day. Of alementum formula and oatmeal mixed. His nights consist on sleep anywhere from 7 or 8 to around 12 or 1 am rocking to sleep for 30 minutes to an hour, sleep until 3 or 3:30 and rocking until 5:00 or 5:30 am then sleep for an hour. He sometimes will eat a bottle in the middle of the night, sometimes reject or vomit it up. He slept a lot better around 8 weeks,. I don't know what to do. He is on prevacid solutabs.
Author: Melanie
my baby is 3 days old, we just got home today, I've tried everything but she just won't sstop crying. I am nursing her.
Author: Miriam Gray
My 5 year old daughter has night terrors and tonight is was the worst of all. She STOPPED BREATHING. I am very worried about this, it has never been this bad before so I was wondering if letting her sleep with me after this would be a good idea? I do not want to take a chance on this happening again and me not be close enough to help her. Please help me.
Author: Sicerra Hazelwood
Our 4 year old daughter has been having many restless nights and i am not sure if it is night terrors or not and if so what is causing it? Every night about 12:30 she wakes up crying. She complains about everything being wrong. For example, her pillows are to hot, its to dark, the ceiling fan is on, the TV is off. We fix one thing for example, turning the TV on so its not dark although she already has nightlights, turning the ceiling fan off, but she keeps crying and cannot tell us what is wrong. Nothing seems to calm her. Often when she wakes up she is very confused and unresponsive to our voice or soothing. After all the panic and commotion she lays down and sleeps the rest of the night like nothing happened. At first we thought she was just being a bad kid but when she began telling us she didn't remember any of it we were concerned. I have read up on night terrors but not much i could find was helpful. Could you please help us figure out what this is? Thank You.
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Dear Cydnee,

Thank you for your email. From what you provided in your contact form, it does seem that your daughter is experiencing night terrors. Yes, it's unfortunate that there is not enough information out there on the internet about how to fix the issue but know that there is a solution. Night terrors are triggered by an event. We just have to find out what that event is. I would suggest starting to keep a log on what she is eating throughout the day, what time she is eating and the time she is going to sleep.
Author: Cydnee
My baby falls asleep before he finishes a feeding and then wakes up in a short while, still hungry.
What should i do?
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There are several different answers to this question:

o A baby who has been crying before a feeding gets air in his stomach making him feel full and tired. Thus, he may stop feeding and fall asleep before he has had enough to eat. Try to avoid crying spells before a feeding. You may need to burp the baby before the feeding.

o Small nipple holes makes a baby suck harder, which tires him out. Large nipple holes let the formula flow too fast, and the baby may choke. Be sure to clean the nipple after each feeding. Check that the formula flows at a rate of 1 drop per second when the bottle is turned upside down. The drops of formula should stop after a few seconds.

o Some babies are just sleepy, or get "milk drunk" from the warm comforting hug and feeding. To wake him up, you can change his diaper, sit him up or rub his back. Don't force the feeding, baby will eat more next time.
Author: Carolyn Connors
What are the essential items we need to pack for the hospital when we go to have our baby?
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Thank you for your question!

Essential hospital items include the following:
1. personal toiletries
2. prescription medications
3. 3-4 easy on/off washed baby outfits
4. a comfortable front open robe for yourself
5. slippers
6. a nursing pillow
7. a laptop/ipad if you are enthusiastic!
8. camera and video recorder!
9. your favorite pillow and blanket
10. a nursing bra

Congratulations on your new baby! It is an exciting time and a memory that you will cherish...if you forget anything, don't worry dad or other family will be back and forth from home!
Author: Kate
We are due in less than a week and I'm feeling overwhelmed...from the major questions of will the delivery go well, will our baby be healthy, can I deliver small concerns like did we pack everything we need and what will it be like bringing our new baby home...Do you have any words of encouragement or advice since you are a mom of five?
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Thank you for your question Miranda!

Preparing for birth can be overwhelming, please remember that it is a special time to enjoy! Here are some quick tips:

1.Relax! It will all be over in the blink of an eye, and the little stresses will be wiped away with a new baby in your arms.

2.Take a deep breath, and know that if you forget to bring anything to the hospital it is not the end of the world. Most likely dad will be stopping at home daily and can pick up anything you need.

3.Stay positive! Positive thoughts will help produce a positive delivery - a wonderful experience that will be with you always. Best wishes!
Author: Miranda
How can we help our new baby sleep better?
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Thank you for your question Jill!

Congrats on your new bundle of joy!

Karen & Co Sleep Routine made simple :
• Bathe baby in warm water. Lavender and chamomile scents are soothing and have been known to help promote calmness.
• Swaddle your baby to revent recurrent wake-ups and prevent startlinG.
• Feed and burp your baby.
• Lay your baby on their back in an empty crib.
• Use white noise, such as a fan to assist baby in maintaining a deeper level of sleep, thus preventing frequent wakeups associated with noises in the house. Fans also help to circulate the air in baby’s room, which wil help to keep fresh air flowing (do not point the fan towards the baby).
Also, check out Dr. Karp's 5 S's to Help Calm your Baby which will help them sleep:

Please continue posting your questions.
Author: Jill
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