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Surviving the 4th Trimester

You survived 9 whole months, 3 trimesters to be exact, of pregnancy. If you are anything like me, you planned until you were blue in the face and then suddenly all the planning pays off when one day the moment … Continue reading

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Child Night Terrors

My six year old daughter has always been a great sleeper. (My son was the horrible sleeper that got me into this business!). So, several years ago I was surprised when she started crying and screaming in the night. It … Continue reading

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Why Consider Cloth Diapering?

I know what you’re thinking “Cloth Diapers” as in pins, plastic covers, swirling poop and gigantic baby booty right?!!  WRONG!!!  Cloth Diapers have come so far in ease, function, use and cuteness!  For the record it’s not just hippies that … Continue reading

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5 Baby Sleep Tips

Hi, my name is Summer and I’m a Certified Newborn Care Specialist. You may ask yourself what is that? What I do is train parents with everything baby. I go into homes and consult or I work 10p – 6am … Continue reading

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