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Ask the Nurse: Baby Falls Asleep Before Feeding is Finished

My baby falls asleep before he finishes a feeding and then wakes up in a short while, still hungry. What should I do? There are several different answers to this question: A baby who has been crying before a feeding … Continue reading

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Getting the Baby to Latch On, Breastfeeding Tips

Hold your baby with his tummy touching your tummy. Tap baby’s lips with your nipple and watch for a wide open mouth with his tongue down. When baby’s mouth opens wide, quickly bring baby’s mouth over the nipple. Baby’s mouth … Continue reading

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Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

First Feedings Breastfeed your baby the first hour after birth. Keep your baby with you at all times so you can feed him often. The first milk is called Colostrum, which protects your baby from germs and sickness. Formula cannot … Continue reading

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Feeding Your Baby – Breastfeeding and Formula

Breastfeeding, the “healthiest choice”, benefits mothers and babies in many ways. Nature intended for babies to have breast milk, the ideal first food. Breastfed babies have fewer colds, allergies, ear infections and other health problems. Breastfeeding offers health benefits for … Continue reading

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