7 Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

Parents everywhere are rejoicing over the fact that the new school year is about to begin! Don’t get too excited yet, moms and dads; you still have a few responsibilities. Packing your child’s lunch with foods that are both healthy, and that kids will enjoy eating is no easy task. Here are a few back … Continued

5 Tips for the Preschool Transition

Preschool as plenty of benefits. Your child will play with other children, learn how to behave around teachers, and get plenty of mental and physical stimulation. But for some kids, the transition from days spent at home to school can be tough. Here are some tips to make it easier. 1. Give kids a heads … Continued

5 Easy Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Kids Meals

I’m sure you know how important it is to get your kids to eat their vegetables. If only they understood that too! Vegetables are acquired tastes for most people. Many of us refused them when we were younger too. Until the taste buds develop, however, it’s still important to get them inside your kids. If … Continued

How to Keep Baby Cool and Comfy in the Stroller

Now that it’s summer, we want to spend some time outdoors with our kids. But the sun can be brutal on your little baby. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside for the season. When you’re out in about in the stroller, use these tips to keep your baby cool. 1. Stay out … Continued

What to do When Your Child Starts Swearing

It can be shocking the first time you hear your child say an expletive. Suddenly the cute little toddler or small child that runs around your house has the capacity to hurt people and be mean. They’ve been soaking up information and language for a couple years now, which includes the undesirable stuff. If your … Continued