6 Random Acts of Kindness to Do With Your Kids

Who doesn’t like to receive a random act of kindness? Better yet, being able to give one to someone else is such a great feeling and an awesome way to make someone’s day. Including your children in such activities is so important for the fact that you’re not only allowing them to experience this first-hand, … Continued

Safe Home Remedies for Basic Illnesses

When your child comes down with the sniffles, a bad cough, runny nose, and sore throat, your first instinct as a parent may be to run to the doctor for a diagnosis and prescription. But it can be frustrating to sit in the waiting room for hours with your sick child and then be seen … Continued

What to do with a Hyper Active Toddler

Toddlers can be little storms that bring chaos and noise wherever they go (when they aren’t asleep). What mom hasn’t dealt with a toddler at 6 AM who is awake and ready to go before you’ve turned the coffee maker on? It’s impressive, really, how much energy they have. But how do you handle a … Continued

7 Tips for Bathing Your Newborn

Parents are always overly cautious and worried about their newborn children. One of the more stressful moments is when it’s time to bathe your child for the very first time. Like most things, there’s nothing to worry about, but rather just a few specific steps to keep in mind. Here are some tips to bathing … Continued

7 Back to School Organization Tips

Well, it’s the school year already! Can you believe how quickly time flies? No matter how prepared we are, it always seems like the school year brings chaos. I’ve done it many times, but each year is a new experience. Still, we have to give ourselves the best chance we can! An organized life is … Continued